Allusionist 107. Apples

Late 2019 will see the biggest apple launch of our lifetimes. 22 years in the making, ripening on millions of trees into picture-perfect redness, here comes the WA38, more snazzily known as the Cosmic Crisp. The name was the result of a year of focus groups, taste tests and word associations - a far cry from when apples were named after whichever end of a cat they resembled.

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Allusionist 105. F'ood

When is cheese not cheese, or crab not crab? When it’s spelled cheez or krab or even ch’eese or cra’b… Novelty spellings for foods-that-aren’t-made-out-of-the-thing-they-sound-like-they’re-made-out-of go back a pretty long way - ‘cheez’ was THE cheese-like substance of the 1920s - but right now, with plant-based foods on the rise, we’re seeing more of them.

Branding consultant and name developer Nancy Friedman casts her expert glance over the apostrophes and deliberate misspellings on foodstuffs; and vegan restaurant owner Melanie Boudens recounts how, this summer, the words ‘cheddar cheese’ on her menu landed her in trouble.

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Allusionist 83. Yes, As In

"Really? As in the animal/foodstuff/music genre?" 
"Is that a stripper name?" 
"What were your parents thinking?"

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Allusionist 11: Brunchtime


Brunch. What does it actually mean?

Yeah yeah, it's breakfast + lunch, but in function or in form? And what does it have to do with Lewis Carroll?

I chewed this over during brunch with Dan Pashman, host of the food podcast The Sporkful and author of Eat More Better. Fall down the rabbit hole of brunch semantics with us.



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Me and Dan in the Square Diner, post-porklift.

Me and Dan in the Square Diner, post-porklift.

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