Allusionist 91. Bonus 2018

Throughout the year, the people who appear on the Allusionist tell me a lot of interesting stuff. Not all of which is relevant to the episode they initially appeared in, so I stash it away in preparation for this moment: the annual bonus episode! Get ready for gory 19th century London slang, the rise and fall of superhero capes, the post-WW1 trend for nudism, and more.

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Allusionist 14: Behave


Sometimes words can become your worst enemy. Clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist Dr Jane Gregory tells how to defuse their power.

NB: Today's show concerns mental health, and the discussion nudges some topics which may not be comfortable for everybody. So if you have concerns, please sit this episode out, and return in two weeks for the next one.


This episode was sponsored by Animoto. Visit to try out their marvellously easy and swift video-making tools; and if you sign up for a pro account, you can get 15% off if you use the code WORDS. I've really been enjoying my first forays into video-making thanks to them; you can view this week's effort, a compilation of shudder-inducing portmanteau terms, here.



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