Allusionist 97. The Future Is Now?

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“There are two ways to say ‘The future is now’: you can say it optimistically, like, ‘The future is now! Isn't that cool?’ Or you could be like, ‘The future is now, and we're totally screwed.’” Rose Eveleth, of the future-envisioning podcast Flash Forward, tracks the past and present of one of her favourite phrases.


Got more listening time to fill? This week I was an honorary Green sibling, subbing in for John Green on Dear Hank and John.



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  • Rose Eveleth makes the podcast Flash Forward, investigating possible future scenarios. Hear it at and in the poddingplaces. Find more of Rose’s audio and written work at

  • Thanks to science, technology and society professor Lee Vinsel, who was a huge help behind the scenes of this episode. Find his work at

  • This episode was produced by Rose and me, Helen Zaltzman. Martin Austwick makes the music that you hear in every episode. Download his songs at

- HZ

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